Test Proctoring Procedures

As part of BHPL’s mission to provide opportunities for lifelong learning, free test proctoring is offered to residents of Berkeley Heights.


Student responsibility to schedule an exam:


Contact the Educational Facility (EF) to be sure that a public library setting, with no resources to continuously monitor the student, is acceptable. BHPL cannot provide a secluded space or guarantee quiet.


Schedule the date of the exam with the Reference Staff. Proctoring is available during normal operating hours Monday – Saturday. Exams must be finished 30 minutes before closing time.


Initiate contact between the EF and Reference Department. At least two weeks in advance of the exam date, BHPL staff must receive how/when the test will be transmitted, how the test will be taken (online or paper), any procedural information such as passwords and what items a student can use during the exam, and how the test and any associated paperwork must be returned to the EF.


Student responsibility on the day of the exam:


Arrive at the scheduled time and show picture ID to the Reference Librarian on duty


Have only those items permitted by the EF’s exam correspondence


Adhere to the time limits set by the EF, with no exceptions


Follow all rules stated on the exam or established by the EF


Provide the envelope and postage necessary to return the exam to the EF


BHPL will not:


Proctor exams without advance notice


Contact the EF on the day of the exam with procedural questions

Download testing software that is not compatible with BHPL’s network


Guarantee that technical problems will not occur when using BHPL’s PCs


Incur any expenses in the proctoring process that are not paid by the student
Staff will not sign a proctoring statement that does not accurately reflect what the staff has provided (periodic vs continuous monitoring)


Guarantee that BHPL will not cancel or change the exam date due to emergencies
and unforeseen circumstances such as power failures, inclement weather, etc.

I hereby release and hold harmless BHPL and the Township of Berkeley Heights, their agents, servants and employees from any liability whatsoever which may arise from the proctoring process as aforesaid.
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Adopted 10/13/2003
Modified 10/13/2014